Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beating the Paint Chip Blues

Confession: I have had a row of paint swatches taped to the side of my kitchen cabinets for well over 6 months. Have you ever done that? Taping up little swatches of color was my idea to try and inspire me to pick a color. It hasn't really worked. I mean, it's really hard to visualize exactly what the color will look like when it's all up - and if you hate it then you have to start all over again. Which is exactly why they're still there, waiting for me to just pick a color already! Since I can paint it all in about 2 hours (maybe less) with a quart of paint (that's like $10?), you'd think that I could just jump in. But the weird part of my brain that craves perfection (and is never properly fed) just won't let me take that leap.

I know I'm not alone here. I'm guessing that somewhere tucked away in your stash of decorating awesomeness, you've got paint chips waiting to have their number called. As you're reading this, you are struggling with the same, dang issue. I hear ya.

And My Colortopia must have heard us, too, because they just introduced a new color tool that may be the answer to your color cries for help. It's a nifty little tool called Color My Room. It's like they read my mind!

First, play around with other tools on the site, like My Color Inspiration or My Life My Colors and gather your own batch of color ideas. Then, you upload your photo, trace out what you want to color, then change it up by clicking on the different swatches.
You can go from black to white and every shade in between, all by clicking the button. That's a whole lot faster than painting them all out and realizing that you've picked a bad paint color.

I love that it gives you the freedom to play around, because although I thought I wanted more color, I may end up going with something more neutral. (But I really am crushing on that deep teal!)

Find something you fall in love with? My Colortopia makes it easy to go and get it, by offering a print out that you can take to any retailer and buy the paint. I love it when they make it so easy!

So 'fess up.... are you hoarding paint chips waiting for that perfect color to speak to you?

*This post is partnered with My Colortopia, as always all opinions & ideas are my own*

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