Sunday, December 30, 2012

Surviving the Holidays

Can you believe the year is almost over? We've all made it through the bulk of the holidays (though the Facebook discussion might offer a different opinion.) The main relief for me that was it was a lovely holiday, and we stayed on budget - because there's no fun in being stressed over the budget while trying to enjoy the happiest time of year. This year, I partnered with Bluebird to help me stay on track.

I started off my holiday by figuring finding lots of budget friendly gift wrap ideas. It was a lot of fun to gather the inspiration (although Lala did the bulk of our gift wrapping this year.)

The girls and I found time during the hectic holiday season to slow down for dinner and a movie - a tradition that I hope repeats itself next year!

The girls also hosted a holiday party this year. Most folks would think I was crazy for hosting a sleepover for 12 teenagers - but it was a blast!

It wasn't all about the kids this season, though! Bluebird encouraged me to splurge on something, which I happily did :)

So, it was a great holiday! And I'm so grateful to Bluebird for helping me make it a magical season.

*this post is sponsored by Bluebird*

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