Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Entertaining Teenagers

Every year we have a Christmas party here at the cottage. Sometimes it's an adult affair, but this year we decided to let the kids have a turn by inviting their friends over. Of course, when girls get together, a sleep over is always their idea of a good time. Although it might seem a bit old-fashioned, we went back to traditional fun when coming up with our agenda.

Between many, many Just Dance battles, we took time to decorate cookies. It was no-stress for me to set up, since I went to the grocery store, armed with my Bluebird card, and bought every day ingredients. I baked the cookies the day before, and they had a blast decorating and eating them.
 My Bre wasn't sure if her friends would like such a "boring" idea - but they loved it! 

Another old fashioned idea that was a huge hit: Christmas Charades. They had a blast acting silly and playing out things like "Catching a Snowflake on your Tongue." Wanna join in the fun? I provided a free printable :)

Lots of laughs, good food & a ton of fun times later, they were all exhausted and fell asleep long before midnight.... thank goodness for small miracles, huh?

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  1. Great job momma....Just had a Christmans party for my football play brute of a son. Had to call it a "get together". I promised I would not embaress him with all the planned girlie stuff I do for his older sis. Well it was a hit. We had a huge pasta and meatball dinner, then they played football. When that begame intense I would pull them in for a breather... a game. and that is how we spent the 3 hours. He was so happy.... It will become an annual things.