Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Night with the Girls

Every year it becomes more and more apparent that my days of spending nearly every day with my girls is rapidly nearing it's end. With one in college and one in junior high, I take every chance I can to just unwind and soak up their awesomeness, even during the busy holiday season.

We decided on dinner and a movie. Their choice? Chinese. Yum!

We even squeezed in a little Christmas shopping. I've been good with my budget this year, so it was easy to let them splurge a little on gifts for their friends. My Bluebird account has made it so simple to keep it all sorted this year!

With full bellies & tired toes, we laughed & cried at Rise of the Guardians. Have you seen it yet? We loveeeeeed it! {Of course, it kinda helps that Jude Law is "in" it... even if he is a bad guy!}

I'm so glad I could squeeze this trip out of my budget with my girls, it was the perfect mid-week get away.

Thanks to Bluebird for helping me budget a night out with my girls.


  1. Thanks for sharing your special time with your girls and for sharing about Bluebird...I have never heard of them but will be checking them out.

    Have a lovely week and Christmas Holiday.

  2. Thank you for sharing your dinner a movie night out with your girls. It is great to spend time with the kids; enjoy those moments of bliss! My 'children' are in their 30's and 40's now-I have sons in the military, living overseas, a daughter who married a soldier and a son and daughter who live in other states because they "love it there", it is difficult to have those moments now, but I have those cherished memories of when we did things like that together!