Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa's best kept secret

I love giving surprises. I love the gasp a really, really good gift can bring. I also love shopping online, because when the nearest shopping mall is an hour away, it really puts a cramp in my shopping options {and let's face it - shopping in your PJs is so much more fun than fighting the mob.} But, in our everything is online world, it's kinda tough to keep Mr. SCC's gifts a secret, when every stinkin' store shows up on our checking account immediately. That is, until I found my ultimate secret weapon - my Bluebird account.

Have you heard of it? Bluebird is a checking/debit alternative by Walmart and American Express. You can either sign up online, or pick up a starter kit at Walmart. Since it's backed by American Express, you can use it for your every day financial needs or save it for special needs.

Since you can't go over your limit, there's no overdraft fees - yay! It's the perfect way to budget yourself for the holidays. {Ya'll know I'm all about staying on budget.} You can move money to the account super easy, right online or even through a handy dandy app.

And, since my account is marked for my eyes only, that sneaky Mr. SCC can't see what Santa is bringing him for Christmas.

Let the gasps begin! :)

*This post is sponsored by Bluebird Financial. All ideas and opinions are my own.*

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  1. This is fabulous. I like a good gasp too. : )
    thanks for sharing.